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Getting Baked with the Holmies in LA

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Ok so I've been Holmie baked before, quite a few times actually , but I always get my baked goods to go and eat them later on in the day or the following day - never in the moment. I know! I know! What's wrong with me? How could I have possibly resisted those gorgeous pastries? I don't know why or how, but I did. This time around I visited the Highland Park location one Sunday morning with my husband right before our reservations to the Broad. We ordered our box of goodies, a hot green tea and an iced Chai and sat down to enjoy or treats with the Holmies. We started off with the savory pastries which I had actually never tried before (sad face), I've been missing out this whole time! I ordered two savory pastries a mushroom and a pastrami the plan was to go halfsies with my husband, but once I got a bite of my mushroom and he a bite of the pastrami neither one of us of wanted to share. We devoured those things and then I had to go back up and order a second pastrami cause I wasn't going to leave without trying it. It was the best decision I made that day, the thing was fabulous!

The feast didn't stop there. Although we had promised ourselves we weren't going to over do it and really only share one of the sweet pastries - that didn't happen either. As I mentioned earlier, this was my fist time having them fresh in store, so when I got my first taste I was re-hooked, It was like I was tasting them for the first time. We cut into all of them and I didn't even feel bad about it. They were so fresh and crispy and flaky. Why? Why had I waited before to eat my pastries? I don't know whether I'm lucky or a fool to have missed out on these freshly baked buttery treats all these months. On one hand - I missed out on all the calories, but on the other hand I missed out!

Well No more, from now on I'm getting Baked AF any chance I get and you should too!

By the way free parking in spots 7- 16 right across from the entrance.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse


San Francisco

1042 Larkin St San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles

Highland Park 111 S AVE 59 LOS ANGELES, CA


Orange County

Tustin : 2493 Park Avenue Tustin, California 92782 (Union Market at The District)

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