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Brunching at The Commerson

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I think It's clear that dinner is my favorite meal of the day, but on the rare occasion that I go out for breakfast or brunch I go with a savory dish like chilaquiles or huevos rancheros. It's not that I don't like a nice sweet breakfast item once in a while. It's that if I do go for that sweet item I would want a waffle and I haven't been able to find that waffle of my dreams yet. I've always had this idea that the perfect waffle should be light, airy and crispy and not overly sweet, yet I always end up with a dense and dry waffle or soft and soggy waffle, best case scenario it's a fluffy waffle but If I wanted something fluffy I'd order a pancake not a waffle. So today when I went to Commerson to taste the brunch menu and saw Sourdough Waffle on the menu, I didn't even consider ordering it. In my head I imagined sourdough bread which is usually doughy and slightly chewy (which I love), but not in a waffle - so I ordered the Chicken Tinga sopes and my husband ordered himself the Smoked Salmon Benedict. We ordered a few breakfast cocktails and sat there waiting for our order while we listened to classic 50's rock tunes, which was quite nice for a change. You don't hear this kind of music around anymore.

While the kitchen worked on our order the chef sent out a few little extras, and to my surprise there came "The waffles" They looked beautiful just at first glance, they looked crispy, but still I wasn't getting my hopes up, until I actually took my fork and knife and cut into them and felt and heard that crisp and saw how airy and light they were. I took my first bite and I was instantly happy, I literally began to sway and hum along to the song - it was Elvis playing can't remember which one right now I was really focused in on that waffle, but I shimmied and hummed my way down to the very last bite of that plate. That was enough to send me home happy, but then the rest of our order came.

Sourdough Waffles with Bacon and Chives

I moved on the the Pork Belly Toast; Wow! What a great dish! The bread alone was fantastic, I later found out they bake all their own bread, They topped this toast with chunks of crispy pork belly and saucy chunks of sweet tomatoes and sweet peppers and finished off with fried eggs on top. It was like Huevos Rancheros only so much better! I gobbled that up so fast that I was now the pork belly dish in the restaurant, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the next item on the table - The French Toast.

At this point I was so full and I honestly thought they had already given me the best of the best on the menu, but then the Coconut Pandan French toast came out and it was beautiful both inside (my belly and out (on the plate). French toast is another one of those items that usually I don't like to order on menus because they just never make them quite right, so when I took my first bite of this toast It was such a glorious moment. Again the bread was fantastic! It was cooked in the most perfect egg to milk ratio - it tasted like bread pudding in the center and still slightly crispy on the edges like a crispy caramelized elephant ear. I hated myself for continuing to eat it cause I was so full, but I knew that if I stopped eating it I would hate myself later for not finishing it. So I compromised and ate a few more bites and left a piece on the plate. I'm not gonna lie it still hurts that I left that little piece, but it feels so good to know there's a place that knows how to make a damn good breakfast.

Dinner is still my first love, but I will be saving room in my belly every once in a while for breakfast at Commerson. My suggestion to you when dining here order anything with bread in it because they make their own and it's all extraordinary and definitely try those waffles, they make them them plain or with bacon and chives cooked right in them- they're a must!

Click through the pics below to see all the plates that had me in food coma so early in the day.

788 South La Brea Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036


Brunch (Sat - Sun, 10am - 3pm): Food Menu | Drink Menu

Happy Hour (Tues - Sun from 5pm - 6:30pm)

Dinner (Tues - Thurs from 5pm - 11pm Fri and Sat from 5pm - 12am, Sun from 5pm - 11pm)

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