Where To Eat in Koreatown

Immerse yourself in Korean culture in this hip little town of Los Angles County. Block after block, after block of all you can eat Korean BBQ, Hangover stews, Bulgogi, Taiyaki's , ice-cream, teas, baked goods and so much more. There are so many options how do you know where to eat? We know it can be overwhelming so we've narrowed it down to a few places you should really try.

SquareMixx This locals little gem is the cutest food court in LA. It has great dining options a lot of Korean fusion dishes, water coolers are available on both ends of the food court to keep you hydrated and there's plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, you can relax and let the kids play in the outdoor play area and you can even do some shopping on the lower levels and grocery shopping too at the California Market located right in the same shopping structure. It's very cool hang out and parking is free, you'd never know this place was here just driving by it.

Love Pork? Then you just have to try 8 Korean BBQ this is not an all you can eat restaurant, but it's worth trying out for the great quality meat you get and the server cooks the food for you so you can enjoy your time with your dining date and you can rest assured that the portions will be equally divided. They are the only concept in SoCal that has 8 curated flavors of Mangalitza pork belly. The 8 flavors include wine, original, ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste, and red pepper paste. If pork isn't your thing, they have an array of Argentinian grass fed beef, USDA Prime and Japanese Wagyu beef! They have a second location in Buena Park.

Boos Philly an unexpected treasure! You would never imagine that you can find authentic Philly cheesesteaks, served on world famous Amoroso Rolls right here in K-town, but you totally can and they even serve up a butterscotch cupcake made by Creme Caramel that will remind you of a butterscotch Krimpet TastyKake. Yup! It's so Authentic you'll think you're in Philly.

Theres an additional location in Silverlake.

The Halal guys yeah yeah, they're every where now , but they're in K-town too and if your close to one why not stop by and enjoy an order of their new wings. They're crispy, saucy, spicy and the chicken is juicy. A great addition to the menu.

$1.00 Oysters

The EMC Happy Hour at the Koreatown location might not have a full happy hour menu like other locations, but the oysters are cheaper than other locations. only $1.00 instead of the $1.50 they cost at other EMC locations.

Sweets & Drinks

For dessert we have to take you back to Square Mixx for the French style Taiyaki and ice cream swirls at Curious Goldie. The Taiyaki here is unique because of it's look it's not cut and it's texture it's not the bready kind that they open up and fill with ice cream this Taiyaki is flaky and crispy almost like a croissant., filled with either cheese, custard , Nutella or red bean and they serve it to you warm. This place is a must!

The original Somi Somi where the lines are always long, but the Taiyaki and ice cream always great! Your local mall probably has a Somi Somi by now, but if in K-town why not stop by and check out the original.

Cocohodo - I am surprised more people don't know about this place, these walnut pastries are a fun little treats. They are cute and pair so well with coffee, which is what they serve it with. They sell these in gift boxes or warm and ready to eat. It's located right inside the Zion Market's little hot food corner.

Dolly llama if bright and colorful sweets are your thing, then Dolly llama is a must. They have colossal scoops of colorful ice-cream wrapped in a bubble waffle cone or waffle sticks loaded with all your favorite toppings.

White and Brown

Ever tried Cheese Foam before? not so popular here in the LA area, but white and brown is one of the few places that makes it. they make their own cheese foam and it's very light and airy like a cheesecake flavored whipped topping. I must admit I was a little iffy about trying this on my drink but it was quite nice and paired well with the Oolong. They also serve smoothies and fruit infused tea they cold brew overnight and the place has nice relaxing vibe.

Mama Lion is stylish and intimate. It provides the ideal environment for a date or ladies night. The cocktails here are great! perfectly balanced and very innovative. Their coffee cocktail is one you must try, I must warn you it's dangerously good, too easy to drink so sip 'em slow.

Paper Tiger Bar - If there's one thing I love it's themed venues and K-towns Paper Tiger Bar is one of the coolest loungest around, It's a Victorian style speakeasy inspired by Disneyland's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. It's a awesome hang out, the music is great and even though it's loud it feels comfortable enough to carry on a conversation and have a drink without the fear of some drunken fool bumping in to you. If you need personal space this place is for you and as an added bonus they have great customer service.

Check out their site for better images of the place.


Namoo (tree in Korean) this new botanical boutique is one of my new favorites in Koreatown. It is 'located right next to the Dolly Llama and they have the most unique assortment of cacti and succulents. If you love plants there's no way you can resist stepping in to admire the greenery and walking home with at least one.

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