Wealth and Hellness

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Well, what do they say in reference to cocktails? No matter what they say, we know that all good regimens begin with a plan tailored by an expert. The new head barman Cameron Masden and the rest of the experienced mixologists from Bar 1886, are the ones that can provide you with a season's prescription of specialty handcrafted cocktails & snacks. The theme of tonight's event was Wealth and Hellness. A playful menu of cocktails made with natural ingredients, fresh juices, and house-made syrups, infusion, and foams. To balance out the night's drinks - a couple of rounds of small bites.

First up, a welcoming punch! "My Grandma's Iced Tea" Mint tea infused scotch, Laphroig 10, Bergamont bitters, lemon juice, honey, club soda, served with a lemon wheel and a bouquet-garnish of mint. Ladled from a bowl that you would find in granny's hutch.

Second, the "Cat Cow". Much like the Yoga pose, this well-balanced cocktail will make your spine loose and limber. Chareau Liquor, Black Cow Vodka, lemon juice, tonic water, and a spiraled garnish salt cucumber peel.

Third, the "Williamsburg." Like its namesake, it's edgy yet elegant. At first sip, this cocktail is reminiscent an old-fashioned. Sweet, tongue-coating with a hint of spice. However this is made with rum. The layers are subtle. You can't go hard with this one. Take your time and sip in between laughs and banter.

Fourth, "Carol does a Juice cleanse. A mix of: Vida mezcal, lime juice, house-made strawberry kiwi syrup, egg white, Xocolatl Mole bitters. Although the ingredients may not immediately relate to the drink's name. After taking your first sips you quickly learn that this is an appropriate moniker for this cocktail. The flavors are right out of a fresh-pressed juicery. Light, clean, and slightly sour with an earthy palate.

At this time the bites were being passed. The drinks were plentiful so these bites were much needed. Bruschetta - Sliced artisanal baguette topped with traditional mozzarella, tomatoes, onions, parsley, and finished with olive oil. Also a Juicy and all-american cheeseburger slider with pickle, ketchup, on a toasted bun. This tasty burger was right out of a diner.


The night concluded with a play on a snow-cone. "Open heart, happy mind" was the name of the final concoction. An original rum blend by Cameron, lemon juice, pineapple juice, berry puree, all gathered into a Poco Grande glass with pebbled ice and topped with condensed milk and cinnamon. Every drink was refreshing. Every sip was different as the ice melted and the cinnamon condensed milk cascaded into the glass.

The craftsmanship is not only in the building the Raymond calls home. It is throughout the Raymond's restaurant, bar and staff. The staff takes great care in the quality of service, ingredients, and execution. Every drink was handcrafted with passion that you can taste. The food equally as painstaking.

Thank you to The Raymond and Bar 1886 teams for an excellent night.

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