The Best Sandwich Hoag Down

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Hoagy lovers gathered at Boomtown Brewery in Los Angeles in search of the best sandwich in LA. The Deli-cious celebration was a judged sandwich Hoag Down competition. Each contestant brought their sandwiches in to be judged in extravagant themed trays before the judging panel.

Sandwiches were judged on Taste, bread, sauces, fillings. Overall the judges seemed to be pretty impressed with all the sandwiches presented but the main event and was the messy and entertaining Hoag Down. Foodies went up against competitive eating Youtube star Raina Huang of @RainasCrazy they all pigged out on four Ft long Philly Cheese Steaks loaded with cheese provided by Boo's Philly.

The Competitive Eaters:

But none of them stood a chance against Raina who Hoaged Down the entire sandwich when the rest of the competitors were just barely a few bites in barely a quarter way in. the second and only other lady to finish the sandwich finished about 15 minutes after Raina had finished.

The event was open to all ages and free to attend with an RSVP on the event page.


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