Whole Squash Pies for Thanksgiving at True Food Kitchen

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Whole Squash Pies made with whole raw, butternut squash are available at True Food Kitchen for $25, they're gluten free and vegan, making them healthier and lower in calories than most traditional pumpkin pies. The pies are sweetened with natural sugars from the squash and the coconut whip is made with coconut cream,It's much lower in calories than traditional whipped cream and it's vegan and sweetened with natural vanilla and simple syrup from organic cane sugar.

  • Vegan and gluten free

  • no additives or preservatives

Guests can pre-order their pies by calling the store or going in-store to place their order through Sunday, November 18 and will pick up in-store November 20 & 21.

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