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I Got My Eye On Ube

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Ube-be baby, Cafe 86 in Pasadena, serves up ube treats, but I've got my eye on Ube, cause Is it really as good as all they hype? Chances are you've seen that bright purple cupcake topped with flan splashed all over Instagram, but have you tasted it for yourself? Nope? neither have I. (whomp, whomp, whomp! ) I showed up to Cafe 86 on a random day , I believe it was a Tuesday, I had no plans and was in the city so today was the day I was going to make time to visit the little ube treat shop. I show up and was so disappointed when I saw a sad little display case with about three treats in there a brownie, a tres leches ube cake and a cookie. I was still confused I thought surely there has to be more and nope that was it, apparently they only make like 3 items a day and the ube flan is only available on weekends. Now...... call me crazy, but shouldn't they have the item that has made them so famous in the display case every single day? Is it just me who thinks it's insane that they only have it on weekends? I've made flan and cupcakes several times and it certainly isn't hard to make either so why not have it in the case daily? I certainly understand them rotating the other items in the case, but not the ube flan cupcake. So I was there and I had already checked-in on the yelp app and I had an offer for a free hibiscus tea with purchase so I decided to try the brownie and the tres leches cake. They were good, but honestly what I loved most was a crispy cashew cookie that they used to garnish the Tres leches Ube cake ( had no ube in it) The rest was just Ok. I hope to eventually get to try the ube flan cupcake, so I'll be back, but if you plan on stopping by You may want to call ahead and find out what they have, cause finding parking in that area isn't easy.

So the little display case by the register is it. That's all they have for the day, about 3 options.

This was the tres leches ube cake, the little cookie on top was fantastic! The cake was just okay.

The hibiscus coolers are free with a purchase if you redeem your Yelp check-in offer

The brookie was tasty, nothing to write home about, but good

same with this little cupcake, just okay.

But like I said I'll be back. I need to give it a second chance and try their signature item.


I visited Cafe 86 on a weekend Yay! I'm finally going to get to try the Ube flan. Nope! That didn't happen. I visited this time and the display case was even sadder than the last time, seriously at least the options last time looked pretty. This time nope nothing , but it said they had bread pudding so I ordered it and she says they didn't have any, all that was available was some burnt looking balls which I found out were truffles and some purple madeleines with with stripes. That was it. What the hell?! It's getting worse up in here.

This place is really working my last nerve. I MAY stop by again and that's a big may only because I frequent this area. if I'm walking by I may just peak in to see what's in the case, but after this next time that's it, If they don't have the freaking flan cupcake or something worth coming in for never again.

Readers please if you frequent this place, please tell me what the best thing you've tried at Cafe 86 so I can try for myself. I really want to know!

36 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105

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