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What!.... A Taco Stand in Burbank?

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Pablito's Kitchen the Peruvian restaurant on Burbank Blvd has brought the kitchen outdoors. Starting today the parking lot area of Pablitos Kitchen is now Pablito's Tacos and it's the best thing to come to Burbank well...... since Pablito's Kitchen. I tried to lomo saltado and carne asada tacos and they were absolutely delish. Everything is fresh and made to order. These are quality tacos, not questionable 95 cent tacos on some random street corner. The asada is real asada. The meat is quality and being grilled and chopped right in front of you, not sitting in a vat of lard or meat grease like some other taco stands. Expect quality tacos with homemade flavors if you dine here. These taste like those family get together tacos when you've already eaten and your sitting out there laughing it up with family maybe having a drink or two and then you decide to go for seconds, you go stand next to your uncle who's been out there manning the grill all day and you steal a little piece of meat and then comes abuelita to save the day with thick handmade warm tortillas to make the bombest tacos ever. These tacos are made with love and fresh ingredients, and as a Burbank resident myself. I'm happy to have them here and at only $2.00 a pop - they're a steal, but shhh! don't tell them that. That lomo saltado taco gives Guisados some competition.

update: I visited Pablito's Tacos again and the Tacos are now $3.00 each and the prices on other menu items went up too, It was a big bummer, but the tacos were still very delicious.

Pablito's Tacos

3803 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

Open Thursday -Sunday

5:00p.m -12:00a.m. or until they sell out

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