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San Pedro Fish Market Opens Up Third Location in Harbor City

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

One of the things that I really enjoy about food tastings is the extra information I learn about a place that I probably would never know if I didn't take the time to speak with the chefs, managers and owners. One of my last tastings was to San Pedro Fish Market and I was able to sit and speak with the chef and learn all about how they get their fresh fish daily, about their wonderful employees and what inspired them to open this new location.

If you've ever eaten at San Pedro Fish market, you know it gets crazy packed and going to San Pedro for some fresh fish can be an all day outing, the new location makes it easier for you to enjoy the same quality of freshness without having to spend the whole day at the harbor, but that wasn't the only inspiration behind the second location. What inspired this family operation to expand was to create opportunities for their employees that they love just as much as their blood family. These employees have been with them for years and with the family still very involved in the business, there wasn't room for them to grow with the business, so the only one solution to rewarding their loyal employees was to create positions for them, hence the third location.

Now, if you're wondering if this new location , will still be serving up the same quality of fish as the San Pedro location, the answer is Absolutely! They bring their fish over from the other location daily , if they run out they go out for more! It's always fresh, never frozen and you'll be able to see all of that there as they break down fish in front of the customers, nothing has changed besides the fact that you can now order platters by the size of your group, instead of by the pound. I was able to try a few menu items and I can assure you, the quality and flavor is still there, just more convenient.

Here's what I tried:

The Mahi Fish Tacos - these are a must, they're amazing, so fresh and flavorful and you can really taste the fish. The fish is the star of these taco as it should be.

If you love your seafood fried then The Captains Tray is the way to go. You can order it for two or for four and it comes with calamari, fried shrimp, red snapper, lots of fries and coleslaw. You can't go wrong wit this.

And The Shipwreck, this one's new, It's a toasted crispy loaf of bread topped with fried calamari, potatoes, peppers, onions, cheese, clam chowder, grilled salmon and green onions. I know this sounds a bit much and unusual, maybe even unappetizing, but I'm so glad I went for it, cause it was delicious! I can't tell you how it It all worked so well together, but I an definitely advise you to try it. I couldn't stop picking at it even after I was full. Bookmark this one for your next cheat day.

San Pedro Fish Market Grille, Harbor City

1313 W. Sepulveda Boulevard, Harbor City, CA 90501

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