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Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre for this delicious Vegetarian meal, but what's up with the plating? It was delicious and you know what? I didn't even miss the meat, the meal was tasty! I started with yummy guacamole and crab cakes made of corn and hearts of palm and other veggies mostly corn as much as I liked it though all I could wonder was why did they name it a crab cake? It wasn't crab and didn't taste like crab. Whatever though. It was good. On to the next course. I had camote taquitos on the menu it translates to sweet potato taquitos, but it's yam taquitos and yes they ARE different first of all yams are orange and not as starchy and sweet potatoes are white/yellowish very starchy like potatoes. It's a pet peeve of mine when restaurants give their menu items inappropriate names. I know my stuff and expect the chef to know too and here we were two for two on bad menu names: crab and sweet potato.

Notice the chipped bowl for the beans and black on black

I'm What's for Dinner

I'm What's for Dinner

My final course was a brownie now what bugged me about this dish even though again the flavors were there was the plating and I had noticed this all the way through the meal the dishes they used were all wrong - guacamole in a a random little white bowl, salsas in sauce containers you would see in an asian restaurant black beans served in chipped black bowls, dessert a BROWNIE on a BLACK PLATE, and with a brown sauce to top it of. WTH! Now how in the world does it occur to someone to serve dark on dark. Why even put a sauce on a plate where it's not going to show?

Am I wrong? look at the dessert below and tell me if this is pretty. if it weren't for my light, you wouldn't even see the sauce it would just look like a wet plate.

Another dessert plating gone wrong. Mexican Wedding cookies and Ice cream. So Blah!

Dining starts with the eyes and food should be sexy especially when your paying more than the norm for Mexican food - vegetarian at that. All pretty cheap ingredients tortillas and vegetables so what your really paying for here is a nice experience and when they serve you the food in dishes that are all wrong and chipped at that. It really cheapens the experience. I think they could use a consultant perhaps an Abuela can teach Madre some tricks to bring them up to the level that their pretending to be. Good food, good idea bad plating execution.

I'll give them the music the music was excellent salsa music made my mind wander from the little distractions and nice patio seating.

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