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St Felix Hollywood

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I was in the area, hoping to get a good bite to eat with a fellow foodie friend and we walked in to St Felix. It was Oscar Sunday and the house was packed, everyone watching the Oscars on the screens. It was still Happy Hour and there was some cozy seats in the corner where we could enjoy our food and talk so we rushed in to order before happy hour was over who doesn't love a deal? But were we really getting a deal? I was very disappointed to see that they only had three options for $5.00 one of which is just potato chips, the other risotto balls and something else a vegetable. Those item should be $3.00 max all day long not just happy hour. The "slider" and fries $8.50 for just 1 slider and it's not even a slider it's a tray passed hors d'oeuvres size mini burger, not a slider this order needs to come with minimum two mini burgers, but it really should be three mini burger or two actual slider sized burgers for 8.50 on a happy hour menu. The point of happy hour is to get a deal, right?

They need to re-price their menu or upgrade their portions. This is a terrible happy hour.

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