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Updated: Sep 24, 2020


On a recent work trip to Boston, I decided to extend my stay, I wanted to find a place equally as nice as the hotel room my job had reserved for me without the lavish price tag of the fancy hotel, so I came across a really great looking two bedroom apartment on Sonder, it sounded like the perfect room for me because the family had tagged along on this work trip and an extra bedroom was just what we needed. The price per night was a steal! The catch A hefty cleaning fee, but it still came out to under $200 for the night and we would all have space and privacy, so I booked it. The check-in process proved a little difficult. Not knowing that I had to fill out a form and submit my ID beforehand was a bit of a nuisance.

The building was fine, but it was right smack in the middle of the city and the inside of the building reeked of curry - now I love a good curry, but I don't want to smell it all day long. This smell wasn't a someone's cooking dinner smell, it was the permanent smell of the building, it was embedded in the hallway walls and elevator. We made our way through the odor and walked up to the door of our apartment and spent a good ten minutes trying to open the door. The door lock and handle was messed up and shaky and needed to be oiled because the key wouldn't slide in easily. On the other side of the door , the door need some sort of chain or strong deadbolt so we could have some peace of mind through the night, this wasn't exactly suburbia.

We checked out the place and it was nice, we had to walk down stairs upon entering the apartment to get the the living space and then even more stairs to the bedrooms and restrooms, it was cool for us , but not exactly handicap friendly or even if you have bad knees or some type of issue with stairs - it was a lot of stairs. The space was nice, very simple and modern decor with a touch of cabin. It had a big deer head on the wall above the t.v. that creeped me out the whole time. I felt like there was a camera in there or something watching me and I just didn't feel comfortable

around it.

The bathroom was funky, not as clean as it could have been and for that cleaning fee, It should have been spotless. the towel hooks weren't hooks the towels kept falling to the floor and very low water pressure,It was a little stream of water that came out. It was a it was just a very disappointing bathroom experience. Then we went to bed, the boys slept in the room with bunk beds and they didn't really complain so much about sounds but we slept in the main bedroom and the street sounds were unbearable. You hear everything that is going on outside. Garbage trucks, sirens, people, construction work. EVERYTHING! They have to invest in soundproofing windows! It might be better to sleep in the living room because it's on the complete opposite side of the street.

So after a terrible sleepless night it was time to wake up early and feed the meter because the apartment didn't offer a parking space and street parking after 8:00 means having to feed the meter every two hours. Crazy to think that it doesn't come with parking, because there is a parking lot in the back of the building, next to a play area.

So would I stay at a Sonder Apartment Rental again? Yes, if the price is right. This apartment wasn't the right one for us, but when traveling with teenagers we need our space and an apartment is just what we need for long stays. It's not so much different than an Airbnb or a VRBO.

Sonder Apartment Rental

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