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Family Frights at Six Flags

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

It's the weekend before Halloween, but the fun ain't over yet! I needed to squeeze in some last minute chills in to my 2019 Halloween season and having already done the regular haunts I normally attend, I decided to try out Six Flags Freight Fast this year. I must admit, we went in to it thinking the mazes wouldn't compare to the ones of the parks more known for their Halloween attractions, but boy were we wrong.

The maze themes were great and the actors were hidden well in the mazes - I didn't see them coming. I was startled so many times and that's what Halloween haunts are all about!

This Year's Mazes

Vault 666 Located near Full Throttle

Demonic relics and obsolete oddities are locked in an abandoned vault within this dark and sinister antiquity shop. This maze was the creepiest by far so well done the props and scenery were all amazing and usually the props are my least favorite part of a maze, but every new room we walked through I wanted to stop and get a picture of it, the hallway of arms was so cool and then the rooms after that, EEK! It all gave me the chills.

Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising located near Apocalypse

It seems fitting that this maze is located near Apocalypse the ride because pretty much that's what you're walking through. In the aftermath of a recent cataclysm the reign is overpopulated and under resourced. A renegade Faction is trying to take control of the city, destroy the bio-containment center and release an ancient parasitic virus. Hold on tight to your family and friends in this one because they might just seperate you. I was separated from my oldest son who was in front of me and then my husband who was behind me in this maze, so my youngest and I wandered in the chaos on our own. This is the largest outdoor maze the park has ever built.

Sewer of the Souls located at the top of Exhile Hill just before you arrive to Ninja Is this a drainage system where the souls of the wicked and lost are stored. This maze is in 3-D and lots of fun but don't let this playful neon maze fool you. Beware the souls of the sewer because they may just keep you trapped in those dark and dank passageways.

Red's Revenge:

Over the hill and through the woods to grandmother’s house you go. red's revenge doesn't take you to grandmas house though. Walk through the dead forest where Red has gathered up all the forest creatures and vowed to seek revenge on all the villagers of the forest who ignored her cries for help when the wolf was after her.

Willoughby's Mansion We've all dreamed of owning a beautiful mansion, but do you have the guts to take on this Fixer Upper? The previous owners Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby haven't been seen in almost a year and everyone else who seems to show up at the house have also disappeared. There’s hair raising terror around each nightmarish turn and dreadful screams down the long twisting hallways.


Looking for your forever home? Enter this hellish house for sale and you might just find what you were looking for. There's no escaping this property once you enter. You're forever damned to the hallways of this home.

No where is safe, In addition the the six mazes there are also six scare zones and a stage with live performances all night. The scare zones and live performance are part of Six Flags Freight Fest activities included with the general admission. No wristband required.

My teenage boys who have become Halloween Junkies like their momma, really enjoyed themselves at Fright Fest and that helped me earn some cool mom points at the end of the night. I'll be looking forward to adding Six Flags Fright Fest to our yearly Halloween agenda

It's not too late to check out Fright Fest for yourself, there's still one weekend left! Check out My Fright Fest Highlights @lailaromero21 for videos of the mazes and more!

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