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Dining out During a Pandemic

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Today I went out for Sushi, I just had to have it, but when I arrived and saw all the mask-less diners, some even maskless before they were even seated, first a little anxiety kicked in because there was a lot of diners then as I was seated I began to wonder what is the proper etiquette for dining out during a pandemic? At which point does it become ok to remove your mask?

The rules are no mask no entry but you're there to eat and you can't wear a mask to eat, so at what point can you take it off?

After being seated or after Ordering?

So this is what I think.

I think out of respect for the waitstaff you definitely must wear it atleast until your seated at your table. Once you are seated it's up to you how long you keep it on for but I would say the longer the better - atleast until you place your order (since there's a lot of talking involved and spreading of saliva particles) I admit I didn't do this the first time I dined out I removed my mask as soon as I was seated, but the more I thought about it these guys are risking their health being among a bunch of maskless diners so why not try our very best to keep them healthy so they keep others healthy too.

Going to the restroom

If you're going to the restroom inside the restaurant definitely you must wear a mask. You will be walking in to a sanitized work area and you'll be passing others on your way there so don't skip the mask.

Once you're officially done eating, throw the mask back on - you'll be talking to the waiter a lot again and signing the bill I would recommend going to the restroom to wash your hands before going back to your car so you don't take any unnecessary germs back to your car with you or at the very least use some hand sanitizer.

The rules are if you're not actively eating, then you should have the mask on.

Stay safe out there!

Let's get rid of this virus and get get back to our beautiful way of living (maskless) again.

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