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DIY Boba Kits. Yay or Nay?

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

I have been making my own boba at home for quite a few years now and I know it takes quite a bit of time, not a lot of work , but the boba takes at least forty minutes to cook to get it to that perfectly chewy consistency and once it's made you better use it all up because it doesn't keep long - about an hour or two before it starts to lose that chew and tasting like crumbly eraser, so you either finish it all or toss it. There's no storing boba for the next day or freezing it. So when I was sent an instant boba kit to try at home by Sunright Tea Studios . I was a bit skeptical. Would it still be chewy or would I have little dry chunks of crumbly eraser at the bottom of my drink?

I opened the box read the instructions and this is how it went.

Popped it in the microwave for 25 seconds, mixed in the brown sugar added the milk powder and some water and poured over ice. The process was quite easy, but now the moment of truth would the boba Be chewy?

It was!

I couldn't believe it, it took less than a minute to make and I had myself a delicious treat. I didn't have to wait over forty minutes for it to cook and I didn't have to leave my house for it. I'm saying Nay to the old way and Yay to the new way. This kit is a total game changer. If you're not convinced make boba at home the classic way first see how that goes for you for a while and then get yourself one of these kits. You'll see why this kit is a huge Yay!

The way the next day I went to the store and saw a different DIY boba kit in the frozen section. This one didn't come with the powders for the milk tea only the sweetened boba packettes ready to microwave and add to your favorite drink. I decided to try that one too and compare. I have to say it wasn't bad, although I never expect to see it again. I got it at Aldi and only purchased the one. If you're familiar with Aldi grocery stores they have Aldi Finds and once they're out of them they're out. I went back the next day and have had no luck finding them again. So this pack was cheaper under $3.00 for a 4 pack. what I liked about it was that the boba was already sweetened, no mixing anything in just pop it in the microwave for a minute and pour in your favorite tea. That's it! The boba had a perfectly chewy texture and it was nice and sweet.

After my first two great experience with boba kits, I'm definitely a believer now and honestly I don't see myself going back to the old way of cooking boba. This has been a game changer.


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