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Getting Crafty at The Dollar Tree

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

I recently collaborated with Dollar Tree on a post to promote their Crafter's Square.

The Challenge: Create something for under ten dollars. I immediately knew the challenge wasn't going to be the craft; with so many great finds at the Dollar Tree the challenge was going to be only buying ten items, but I embraced the challenge and I came in under ten dollars and made two crafts!

So this is what I purchased for the first item

and made this!

I removed the fresh and the coffee plaques with a spatula

lightly sanded down the paint from the two sides

glued all pieces together let it dry overnight

painted it white the next day

and then just pressed the fresh & coffee plaques back on.

Super easy!

with the extra $2.00 I purchased these for the second item

  • 1 mini crate

  • 1 pack of 7 mini bottles

and made this!

I'm so happy with how my crafts turned out. I hope these cheap and easy crafts have inspired you to create something affordable, that you can be proud to look at every day!

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