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Hauntoween LA: A Safe Halloween for all ages

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

With Trick-or-treating not being safe this year Hauntoween LA created this wonderful drive-thru experience that brings socially distanced fun for the whole family.

How does it all work?

First of all come dressed in costume or something fun and festive

then you'll pull up to the Hauntoween LA line at your reserved time wearing a mask ( if you plan on having your windows rolled down), once your ticket and waiver have been confirmed you'll slowly and safely drive thru a lit up pumpkin tunnel that leads to a pumpkin patch where you'll get your very own pumpkin. The pumpkin is picked for you and wiped down with sanitation wipes and put in your trunk for you.

You'll drive through more immersive installations and even drive past a live band performance before heading over to the two street trick-or-treat neighborhood with about a dozen houses. You'll roll down your windows (if they aren't already) or open up your roof top and they'll just dump the candy right in, so bring a bucket or a bag unless you want the candy straight dumped on your lap. You'll leave with a large load of candies for the entire car and with a fun, yet safe Halloween experience. Your kids will have fun and you'll feel like a great parent for making the effort to save Halloween this year, because with the year we've had we all deserve a little fun.

The whole drive thru experience takes about 25 - 30 minutes

The cost is $70.00 per vehicle/ not per person so bring the whole family.

For more info visit Hauntoween LA

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