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House of Spirits Soiree Experience

House of Spirits Soiree: A Haunted Cocktail Soirée is a peculiar experience unlike any other. Prepare yourself for a night full of mystery and magic, sinister séances, tarot readings, strange roaming specters, live music, hidden secret games and a giant Ouija board paired perfectly with cocktails in an elegant macabre manor. This 2-hour immersive cocktail experience weaves a disquieting and interactive storyline certain to leave you delightfully chilled. Step into a world of Russian/Scandinavian folktales, the spirits of the house focus their tale on the demise of the Vasiliev family, at the hands of the unholy ‘miracle man’, Volkov. Inspired by the real life history of Russian holy-man Rasputin and the Romanov royal family.

The event is only as fun as it's guests so please dress up. It is not required, but guests are highly encouraged to dress up in any time period specific fashion, costume or elegant dress, it really sells the story line when guests play into it, so live a little! Put a little effort into your outfit, It is Halloween after all.

House of Spirits Soiree

This event has a lot to see and do in only 2 hours, so I highly recommend arriving early. Take parking time into consideration. There is not parking lot and there is no valet so you will have to find street parking. I'd recommend carpooling if you're going with a group or Ubering there is probably your best bet. The check in process goes by rather quickly. You'll have to sign a waiver when you arrive and then get your wrist bands with drink tags attached. You'll have the opportunity for a photo opp and off you go into your peculiar evening.

This experience is going on now in Los Angeles, at the historic York Manor in Highland Park. Ticket prices start from $55 and include four miniature cocktails inspired by different rooms in the residence. VIP tickets start from $77 and include five cocktails, a commemorative cocktail glass, a speedy check-in line and access to an exclusive VIP lounge. Additional cocktails, beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages and food items will be available for purchase at the event. Tickets for House of Spirits: A Haunted Cocktail Soirée are on sale and can be purchased through Fever’s marketplace here.

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