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Last Chance to Stock Up on Artisinal & Organic ingredients with Lucques and AOC fine Cuisin

STOCK UP! 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. as supplies last call us (323 655-6277), place your order and pick up curbside at LUCQUES no deliveries see TO GO menu www.lucques.com

PROTEINS 5 oz portions local seabass $9/each 5 oz portions wild salmon $9/each boneless organic chicken thighs $10/pound confitted duck legs $9/each 12 oz niman ranch hanger steaks $16/each braised beef shortribs $16/each ARTISANAL CHEESE caseificio dell’alta langa robiola bosina $20 each (1/2 pound italian soft cow/sheep) four fat fowl st stephen $20 each (1/2 pound triple crème hudson valley) PREPARED FOODS potato and green garlic soup $12/quart aoc curried cauliflower $15/quart balsamic braised brussels sprouts $15/quart lucques potato puree $15/quart long cooked cavolo nero $18/quart sauteed wild mushrooms $25/quart FARMERS’ MARKET PRODUCE jj ranch avocados $4/each rainbow baby carrots $8/pound sunchokes $8/pound super sweet sugar snap peas $10/pound asparagus $9/bunch organic swiss chard $4/bunch shucked english peas $20/quart potatoes, onions, garlic and other staples available –just ask!


(please call 323-655-6277 to order) SAFETY AND SANITATION At The Lucques Group, we are deeply committed to the health and safety of of our patrons and employees and aware of the concerns that people have regarding even getting take-out and delivery of food. In addition to our continued adherence to county health and governmental protocols, we are also taking additional proactive preventative measures in all of our restaurants to keep our people and products safe. In order to provide the cleanest and safest items as possible, we have instituted even further cleaning and handling procedures than were in place previously: —though this policy was already in place, food workers will wash hands for 20 seconds with warm water every 15 minutes IN ADDITION to all other instances —all stainless cooking surfaces will be disinfected every hour with FDA approved sanitation products —we will put on a new pair of disposable gloves EVERY TIME we pack an order so that no one will touch containers with their hands —we will put a note/message that customers should wipe plastic containers down before touching We thank you for continuing to support our restaurants through this incredibly difficult time.

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