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Mezcal tasting on weekday? Sorry Not Sorry!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Mezcal tastings at "Sorry Not Sorry" Los Angeles are the best thing to happened to nightlife since covid -19. Yes, it's on Thursday and you may have to work the following Friday but they're only $29 ahead of time and $39 at the door! I mean that's a steal just for the class alone, but I haven't even mentioned yet that it comes with a full size cocktail, an entree and a dessert. So if getting turnt on a Thursday is what your worried about no worries the food will soak the mezcal right up.

The mezcal tasting

The less you know about mezcal the better because there's no confusion, and you leave with straight facts about the spirit; how it's made (harvesting and cooking technique, distilling and more) , where it comes from, and more. The tasting gets you three - two ounce (2 oz) tastings and a tasking matt with all the info you'll need. It gives you a great visual, so you know what's being talked about in the class and you'll leave with so much knowledge about mezcal in such a little amount of time.

After the mini Class

you'll head over to a socially distanced table all to yourself where they bring you a mezcal cocktail, an entree and dessert (from a prix fixe menu) all included in the $29! What a deal!

jack cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa
Chicken mole nachos

housemade mole, guacamole, grilled pineapple, salsa
Marco's Mole Burger

Get your tickets for Thursday before they sell out. Remember get them ahead of time for only $29, there aren't too many tickets available to keep the tasting safe. Seating are available every hour from 5-8 on Thursday.

You won't get a safer dining experience than this, there's a check-in process before entering (scan the QR code and answer a few simple questions, get your temperature taken) and once you're in, the tables are large, outdoors in a beautiful patio, and very distanced from each other.

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This Mezcal tastings is an Amazing Deal!

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