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Santa Barbara Courthouse : The Beauty Within

It's no secret that the Santa Barbara courthouse is an architectural beauty, It's the reason why bridal and quinceañera parties flock to it on the weekends to have those gorgeous professional photos taken in front of it. Surely if you're a local or frequent visitor to the area like myself - you've driven by it many times, but have you ever taken the time to tour the inside?

This Spanish Senorita has both outer and inner beauty and if you haven't been, you've been missing out. I think this is who The Commodores were singing about when they wrote their hit song "Brick House" (she's Mighty Mighty, just lettin' it all hang out).

The Spanish-Colonial style building was completed in 1929, and is overflowing with charisma - spiral staircases,

beautiful arched hallways, hand-painted murals, wrought-iron chandeliers, tiled floors. It's stunning from head to toe. It's still a working courthouse to this day and is open for free self-guided tours and free docent-led tours that last about an hour.

You can spend an entire day here just gawking at every little detail of this place, but make sure you plan enough time to head up to the clock tower (it closes a bit earlier than the rest of the courthouse. Up in the Clock tower you will get to enjoy panoramic views of Santa Barbara and the ocean.

*Note. When you arrive just after the security check-in to the right you can take the elevator straight to the top, but if you do you'll miss out on so much, if you decide to take the elevator straight up then take the stairs back down. The stairway may look like nothing special, but in it, you'll find the Bisno-Schall Clock Gallery - the inner workings of the Tower Clock ( you can take the elevator to this floor as well)

Clock Tower closes a bit earlier 4:45p.m.

1100 Anacapa St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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