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Shaqtoberfest- A New Family Friendly Haunt in LA

The dead have returned to haunt the Queen Mary for the month of October. This Year Shaqtoberfest- A Shaq inspired Halloween Haunt has taken over, but this event is a bit more family friendly than the Halloween events held in the years past. Shaqtoberfest is fun for all ages.

During the day, Shaqtoberfest offers a traditional Halloween fun where kids of all ages can trick-or-treat and explore at all the station, which include the mazes (without the monster actors), pumpkin sculptures, inflatable play zones, games, rides and more.

At 8:00 p.m. the event turns into a more adult experience - a festive street carnival with mazes, games, rides, over-the-top light show, EDM D.J. ,bars and more.

I would say this is the perfect transition haunt for the not so young kids (pre-teens) who are ready to transition into something spookier than the corn mazes, and pumpkin patches. The mazes are short and mostly open air so if they freak out and feel like they may not be ready, than they don't have to walk through a super long maze. I wish events like this would have been around when my kids were younger. Makes it easy for parents who might not have a sitter to still be able to get out there and have fun and include the kids.

I got to attend the event myself this past weekend with my own family and this is how it went. Spoiler Alert. Shaq made an appearance!


Select Nights 9/29 -10/31 2022



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