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Taste of Universal. Worth it or not?

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

I attended the Taste of Universal a couple of weeks ago on the first day of the event. I posted about it on my Instagram. One of the questions in the comments was "Was it worth it? ". I thought to myself what does that even mean, "Worth it?". Worth it over something else perhaps? Worth the money? It wasn't expensive. Worth the time? It beats staying home agaian I don't quite know what she meant by the question. The answer isn't the same for everyone I suppose, but for me, Yes it was worth it, it was something I wanted to do and I had fun. We've been trapped in the house with nothing to do for a year, but maybe get some take out and either eat in your car or take it it back home. So if you're a person who enjoys doing fun things, Yes absolutely this event is worth it. This is why.

1. Half the price

you get to go in to the park for like half the price, maybe even less than half.

Tickets range from $44-$54 for adults depending on the day you go and only $25 for children

2. Food is included

Adult tickets come with five (5) tastings of your choice children tastings are three (3) of their choice (portions are the same as the adults) and they're being modest by calling them tastings - these are full-size meals. You will be full after two tastings or maybe a third dessert course, but you get 5 anyway and you can use those to perhaps take a Giant Donut or maybe one of their Giant Bavarian Pretzels home with you or grab yourself a Butter Beer while you continue to enjoy the empty theme park, which takes me to reason number three.

3. Limited capacity

This means no crowds, no long lines, and no one in your way while you're trying to get that perfect picture of the castle or the new Secret Life of Pets Land.

4. Parking is free!

When else have you been able to go to Universal Studios for half the price with food included , no crowds and free parking? It's unheard of! This is the deal of a lifetime. I guarantee you Universal will continue to do this and it will never be this cheap again.

Is it safe?

Absolutely, masks must be worn at all times except in designated eating areas that get wiped off often. Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the park and there are 6ft distance markers on the floors of all the lines while you wait to order your food.

Is this any different than the tasting events at Knotts Berry Farm?

Yes, It's different because the food is made to order - when you place your order it goes to the kitchen and you go around to the pick up side for your food it comes out hot and fresh as with Knott's they have the food out in chafers ready to quick-serve catering style. They each have their benefits on the one hand, you don't have to wait long for your food at Knott's and on the other hand at Universal, you'll wait a little longer for your order but you'll get fresh hot food made to order and I'd much rather have good hot food than fast food.

Another plus about the Universal event is not all tastings are priced equally at Universal, which is a good thing because you can buy more tastings if you chose to and you can use your tickets for the expensive tastings and pay cash for the cheaper ones. At Knotts, the tastings are all the same price so whether you want a drink, food, snack, it's all going to cost you the same as a food tasting and that's just not cool, because not all tastings have the same value.

Is it worth it for you? It's worth it for me. All the fun of being back in the theme parks (except for the rides of course), but in a park like Universal Studios the majority of the fun is in the scenery. Wizarding World, Simpsons Land, The props, the facades the stores the characters and even when the the rides are open you don't always make it to all of them because of long lines. This is a great time to visit. It's totally worth it!

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