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Capilano Suspension Bridge

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

If you only have one adventure in Vancouver make it Capilano. It's such a beautiful place and so much fun for both kids and adults. The bridge leads you to a forest adventure, sort of like a treehouse that leads to other bridges and posts so many in fact that It's actually a great workout and you don't even realize all the exercise you're getting because it's so much fun, but if you get tired there are plenty of rest stops along the way and to guarantee that you don't miss any of them they give you a map that doubles as a passport and you can go through the park collecting your embossed stamps. If you're afraid of heights or bridges over rushing water than this place may not be for you, although there is stuff you can do to entertain yourself while you wait for adventure seekers in your group.

Plenty of Rest stops incase the walking becomes a little too much for you or you just want to take in the beauty of the park.

This part was actually scarier for me then the bridge; It's a really narrow walkway suspended from the cliff.

Find Embossers at all the stations in the park. Once completed receive an "I Made It" certificate

I made it across all the bridges and I was rewarded with this certificate!



(Age 17 - 99) $44.05


(Age 13 - 16) $28.30


(Age 6 - 12)


(Age 0 - 5) $14.65

Price per person minimum of 1 adult required

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