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Let's Go Chasing Waterfalls

You're going to want to pack a lunch and maybe even dinner for this one because a drive through the Provincial Park will likely take all your whole day, but you're going to love it! On my recent trip to Vancouver I decided I wanted to check out Whistler (host of the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics Winter games). My plan was for an hour and a half drive (that was what my navigation said), but what I didn't have planned was all the stops in between - of course I could have driven straight through, but then I would have missed out on so much and it still pains me that there are other stops I DID miss. The landscape views were striking I was suddenly on a vacation within a vacation.

Some of the musts along the way are The Shannon Falls, Brandywine Falls, Trainwreck, several scenic views and if you have time to keep going there are so many more falls and lakes. The one stop I really wanted to check out, but unfortunately ran out of time was "Train wreck" an actual train wreck in the middle of the woods - the train cars have now been tagged up with graffiti since the wreck in the 60's, but I hear it's an awesome sight. I looked for it, but it's not easy to find. Tip: if you go looking for this adventure make sure to read some reviews on Trip Advisor; there were a few reviews that gave detailed information on how to get to the site.

So here is what I got to see in the little time I had before I got hungry and before it got dark although surprisingly there was still sun out in the park till about 9:45 p.m. and still a hint of sun even at 10:00 p.m. in June.

The Shannon Falls It's about a 5 minute hike to a close up view of the fall, but if you look beyond all the trees you can even see it from the parking lot.

The BrandyWine Falls is about a 15 minute walk at the most, but it's a beautiful walk you walk through an enclosed walkway, then a small bridge over rushing water before, forest, and then you cross train tracks before you get to an above view of the fall.

And then there's stops where you can just sit and enjoy the scenery. Damn! I really wish I had packed a lunch.

I eventually made it to my intended destination (Whistler), but it wasn't as fun as the drive there. I had dinner and made my way back to Vancouver

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