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Taste L.A.


On a regular day the Paramount back-lot is home to award winning movie sets, but this Labor Day weekend those back-lots provided a New York Vibe to the L.A. Times "The Taste" event in which food was the star! The three day long foodie event was broken up into 5 parts and showcased the best restaurants, chefs and ​​mixologists in Los Angeles. I got to attend the Saturday & Sunday events and this is how it all went down (down my belly - that is!)

Day One:

Saturday A.M. - Field to Fork: A tribute to distinctive seasonal cooking & local produce.

First off we had to represent "I'm What's for Dinner" on the board.

Then we were off to the races. It was booth after booth of delicious eats, drinks, lounges and even photo booths. It can be a bit overwhelming when you first enter because you don't know where to start and you don't want to miss a thing, but I trust my eyes to lead me to the right places and they haven't failed me yet. I ate and I drank and watched a few demos and learned a few things.

I'll let the picture do the talking from here.

Saturday evening session

Thank goodness for the break because I was stuffed after the first session. The evening session was just as great as the morning session only darker and spruced up with café string lights that lit up the night and gave the place a European feel. The food on the other hand took us all over the world - just what you would expect of Los Angeles eats.


Day two was my favorite, by far. I'm not really a breakfast person, I am What's for dinner after all, but there's just something about brunch that makes me happy. It was a gorgeous LA day, the people were happy and donned their Sunday best - summer dresses, jeans, shorts, cute tops and hats, lots of hats and sunglasses of course to protect ourselves from the beautiful LA sunshine and the food, OMG! The food was major brunch goal items all the things you've ever pinned on your Pinterest "Brunch Board" and so much more. It was a little bit of every type of cuisine and a mix of both breakfast and lunch items & of course lots of sweets too. It was a true Sunday Funday.

Let's not forget about the cocktails. The cocktails weren't an afterthought at this event, they were the co-star of this production on the Paramount lot and in my opinion Don Julio was the diva at this show. Don Julio served up some cocktails so well balanced and delicious - they were a danger to all who tried.

It wasn't just all food & drinks there was also lots of fun to be had like live music, photo booths, lounges, cooking demos, meeting the chefs and let's not forget the awesome back lot. Believe me this is an event you don't want to miss next year.

Hope to see you there Next year!


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