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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

San Francisco|CA

My husband and I had a weekend in San Francisco to ourselves and he had bookmarked a few places he had read about about one of those places being a holiday themed pop-up bar. it sounded pretty cool until we actually drove up to it. We drove by the bar the first night in SF and it really didn't look that holidayish to me from the outside so we decided to drive off I just really wasn't feeling it, but I knew he really wanted to go and hey maybe I was just tired from the previous 2 days of late nights so we returned the following't want to be a pooper, plus it was Santa Con Day and I figured it might be extra festive and just the perfect day to try a holiday themed pop-up bar. We went in and over these of heads it felt festive we walked over to the bar and ordered a drink, when my husband gets it he looks at it and is like" What the hell is this?" - I mean he literally asked what is this? This is not at all what I was expecting I mean he ordered a gingerbread cocktail and it looked nothing like what we were expecting it looked like a watered down old fashion it was very light brown with an orange peel except that it was in a tall glass instead of the usual whiskey cups those come in. It had no holiday look to it it AT ALL, it was just a regular old cocktail and as I looked around neither did any of the other drinks in people's hands.

Does it look like it would be a gingerbread cocktail? does it even look like Holiday themed cocktail to you?

The decor was mostly lots of wrapping paper on the walls and lots of red and green Chinese lanterns which I'm sure in their heads seemed like a great idea but it just looked like red and green lanterns not Christmas decor. I mean there was so much possibility for this place and they just missed mark.

In the picture below :

The employees are not dressed in Holiday outfits the waitress was wearing regular clothes and just a Santa hat. There was no Santa, no Santa's helpers, elves, nothing. This place was really disappointing and the drinks were $13.00 each. I'm so glad we only ordered the 1 drink to start and to finish.

that spot right here in the center felt like such a missed opportunity. This was the perfect place to make look like a fireplace and maybe some Santa legs hanging from the chimney would have been cool or at least some stockings hanging from the fireplace but no just a few wreaths, not even a miseltoe.

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