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Eataly LA

So I've been reading so many articles, reviews and complaints about crazy long lines at Eataly. So I came to the mall not to eat, but mostly to see the renovations done to the mall (they're great by the way). So I walked around with no plans to go inside Eataly given its reputation for 2 hour lines, but I walked by just to see what it looked like and to see this crazy long line people were talking about and I honesty don't know where all this nonsense of long lines came from because there was absolutely no line and this was lunch time opening week, the Thursday before Veterans day weekend. I walked right in and spent a good hour in there just looking around, unfortunately because of all the crazy rumors of lines I had already eaten.

When i first walked in I wasn't very impressed. A small little coffee shop to the right and a closed gelato shop ahead, but up the spiral staircase is where all the magic happens. Everything you could ever imagine Italian is up those stairs - candies, bread, pastries, coffees, pastas, wines, a deli, a butcher, a seafood counter, you can buy prepared foods to eat there at the moment and also shop for your groceries to make dinner at home. they have it all!

Bottom floor

Top Floor

The space is deceiving. I didn't imagine they could fit all that in there, but they did. I got lost in there. (literally lost) I got distracted by all the goodies turned left without thinking and before i knew it, 15 minutes had gone by before i found my husband again. I think this place is great! I love places that give me tons of options and options are plenty! Can't wait to go back and actually eat something.

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