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Rock and Roll Margarita Fest

Now I've never considered myself a big drinker, I don't know much about beers, or drinks but I recently discovered I'm a tequila gal. I've always liked it, but never known that was my spirit, until recently. I'll never turn down a Margarita - they're my favorite. So obviously I was very excited to attend the Rock and Roll Margarita Fest At Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood last Night.

The event was a competition among Fifteen of the best mixologists in town. The best fifteen margaritas in Hollywood were served for all in attendance - all made with Don Julio's Tequila. It was a very casual event , very Rock and Roll and lot's of fun. Guests voted for their two favorites with the two voting tickets given to us at the door to pick our top choices. Winning mixologists got the golden shaker award. The event also featured Samuel Adams craft beer who was there serving complimentary samples of their new flavors and Live music by Roman with Richie Sambora and The Falling Doves entertained the crowd.

For me the best Margarita of the night was Tamarind Margarita with a hint of nutmeg. It's sweet and tangy and I wonder why Tamarind margaritas aren't more popluar, they are one of my faves and so hard to find.

As for the winner, I wish I could tell you, I was there till almost the very end and I didn't see who won, but I'll tell you everyone in attendance at this event were the big winners cause they had samplings of some fine Margaritas and that was the point of it all to taste great margaritas and listen to some awesome Rock and Roll.

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