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Dark Harbor: Get ready to Have the Ship Scared Out of You

Updated: Sep 22, 2020


Queen Mary steps up the creep factor this year for their tenth season of Dark Harbor with phenomenal mazes like Rogue and Intrepid. The creative team did an exceptional job with Rogue - this year's newest maze, It was scary and left me in AWE, I truly felt like I was in a sinking ship. The wave effects were awesome and something truly unique that I was not expecting. I had to walk through this one twice, it was just that good. The creative team deserves an award for this one.

The classic mazes have been revamped into truly spectacular mazes as well.

FEAST usually you'd walk through this maze as a spectator watching the chef prepare his bloody feast, but this time I felt like the prey and they were hell-bent on serving me as tonight's main course. The chef and his vengeful staff lead you into man-sized ovens and there's no way out but in.

INTREPID All aboard for the Intrepid! Next stop - Edinburgh! This is not a new maze but felt completely new to me. I absolutely loved this one! Every inch of this maze sent chills through my entire body, walking through that graveyard and that church was all so macabre. I walked through this maze twice as well it was just so Awesome! In Intrepid you'll wander through the path of the Iron Master’s wicked wrongdoings to an evil sea witch’s lair, to reveal the deadly pact that drove the shipbuilder to spend eternity as a horrific half-metal creature trapped in an iron Hell.

B340 in this maze you'll Retrace the steps of the detective working towards answering the savage 1946 murders onboard The Queen Mary, discover what truly drove Samuel to kill while seeing the true carnage left behind in stateroom B-340.

Circus gives you a sneak peek into the rickety traveling circus the night before it opens. You'll find freaks lurking within the shadows of the big top. This maze is usually playful and colorful, but they went dark with it this year and it was awesome!

This year's mazes were creepy AF and scared the ship out of this Halloween old-timer and that's no easy task. So what makes the Queen Mary more terrifying than other haunts? Location of course! The ship's haunted history mixed with the freaks they hire to scare the ship out of you makes for a truly authentic haunt. This year Dark Harbor took us through the infamous Door 13. Dubbed one of the most haunted areas on the ship, legend has it that an 18-year old crewman was crushed to death by Door 13 in 1967.

The Dark Harbor team goes above and beyond to makes this haunt extra eerie. They hold yearly auditions to hire the perfect scaring crew and not only do they look the part, they all have some sort of special skill like contortion or high tolerance for pain like the guy who gets money stapled to his stomach (ouch!). I mean this "ship" is freaky!

They don't stop at the mazes they strive to keep you entertained while you're on the grounds, whether it's the sliders scaring you in between mazes or zombie d.j.'s, fire shows, aerialists. You're sure to have a great time at this event.

And good eats and drinks are never too far away either there are 13 bars, (pssst Some of them are speakeasies hidden within the mazes), venture 6-fathoms below sea level submerged in the notorious Boiler Room to indulge in the newest secret bar.


  • 4-D PANIC EXPERIENCE: Sit back, grip your seat and don't PANIC for the last ride of your life in our 4-D Theater!

  • CREEPY CABANAS: Host a private soiree, order up a freak, and enjoy the views of various shows throughout the night.

  • R.I.P. LOUNGE: Take in the sights with a view of Dark Harbor from above with Graceful Gale in the newly designed RIP Lounge hosting cocktails and a buffet that’s truly to-die-for.

  • SINISTER SWINGS: Take a spin on the infamous Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch Swings that light the sky.

  • MONSTER PARTY: Cap off the night with a party like no other. Dance and let loose with the spirits whose energy never seems to die.

Plan your trip soon cause It's only around till November 2, 2019

WHEN: Sept. 26 through Nov. 2, select nights WHERE: The Queen Mary, 1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90802

TICKETS: General admission tickets start at $20 online General Admission + Fast Fright starts at $74 General Admission + Evil Express starts at $94 General Admission + Evil Express + Ultimate Scream starts at $209 RIP Lounge Passports start at $39 (Admission not Included) Email for details on Creepy Cabana & Private Patios To purchase tickets, visit PARKING: $27 Off-site $40 On-site For more information:

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