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Box Seats at the Hollywood Bowl

I posted about this experience on my social accounts and the number one comment and message I received from my very own Angeleno's was that they didn't even know this service was available. Total shocker!

When visiting to The Hollywood Bowl of course we all know we can bring our own food & drinks. Up until last week I thought drink was limited to wine, but to my surprise they even let you bring in your own hard liquor - (noted for next time), but in my opinion why do all that when you can have it all done for you?

In my case we were celebrating our anniversary. It was a special occasion and the last thing I wanted to do was spend all day packing up a picnic basket and then walking it up the hill along with blankets and any extras I had to carry. So we ordered through The Hollywood Bowl EZ Plan It link ahead of time and it was all taken care for us. All we had to do was show up.

I scheduled our meal to be delivered to my seat at 6:45 so we would have time to enjoy our dinner before the show started. We showed up right at 6:45, I was afraid we were running late and that they may just leave the food there, but absolutely not - they didn't. Our server waited for us to arrive and gave us time to get comfy in our seats. She let us be the guide for the evening bringing out our courses as we wanted them brought out - as fast or as slow as we wanted.

She began to bring out our order ( we had ordered the 3 course dinner) so she brought it out in courses. She gave us the option to bring out dessert right away after finishing our meal or if we wanted we could have it at intermission.

We opted for right away. They bring it out in To-Go containers in case you don't finish it all.

At this point we had had all that we had ordered, but were wondering how to add extras to our order incase we wanted extra wine or snacks for the show, since we would still be there another 2 maybe even 3 hours. I thought we would have to go on the app to add to the order, but all we had to do was ask our waitress for it.

She added some popcorn and cookies to our order and were all set for the entire evening. She checked on us all night during breaks and intermissions to make sure we were all set. Didn't have to get up at all! We were able to enjoy the show without interruptions and didn't have to go stand in long concession stand lines for snacks and drinks. This was absolutely the best dinner date. As you can see we were so happy with our experience.

If you plan on visiting one of the October Events (which are leased events) you are not permitted to bring your own alcohol so consider having The Hollywood Bowl spoil you for a day - at least let them provide the drinks so you don't have to stand in long concession lines.

Pre- order the day before your show by 4:00 p.m. and they bring it to your box or you can pick it all up yourself at the Plaza inside the Bowl if you would prefer not to have a server. They have everything from snacks to steak dinner and everything in between. Whatever you choose to order you can guarantee it will be a great meal - the food of Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne never disappoint. Their Around the World Popcorn is AMAZING snack option -It’s got a mix of all the popcorn varieties in one large bucket.

Can’t say enough great things about this experience!

The Hollywood Bowl

2301 North Highland Avenue,

Los Angeles, CA, 90068,

United States


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