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EVERYTABLE opens up in the SFV

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

EveryTable has opened up a location in Northridge and I went to check it out.

EVERYTABLE is a meal subscription plan.

How it normally works

  • Pick from a rotating menu of over 28 healthy and filling meals

  • Their local chefs cook + deliver to your door

  • You heat + enjoy meals are ready to eat in 2.5 minutes or less. No cleanup needed.

  • Set your meal plan on autopilot. Skip a week or cancel anytime

They've made it even easier with these shops. You can just walk in and get yourself a healthy meal for the moment and they'll even warm it up for you can pick up some meals for the week and you don't even need a subscription.

Here’s how my visit went.

One of my favorite things about this visit was that besides the meals they had just protein packs cooked salmon and chicken all ready to go.

I picked up a couple of packs of that and ate these protein meals throughout the week Which really made it easy for me to eat healthy that week because it was all available to me when I needed it. the meals were all very tasty and even my teenage son was thrilled to have these in the fridge for when he came back home from school. They're so convenient.

I would recommend the

Homegirl Salmon Adobo, Salmon Superfood Salad, and the Turkey Taco salad

Service options: Dine-in · Takeout · Delivery

9002 Tampa Ave, Northridge, CA 91324

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