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OVO Cirque du Soleil returns to LA

Spring came a few days early in Los Angeles, the great weather has awakened the OVO Cirque du Soleil critters from their slumber and they have occupied the Microsoft Theater as their playground. The insects, the audience, and myself curiously sat as a blue fly-like critter walks in with a large egg strapped to his back, he puts it down for a second to rest and his egg is taken by some of the other critters. He spends the entire show looking for his egg which is sometimes hidden in plain sight, but hilariously he always seems to miss it. Meanwhile this blue critter falls in love with a ladybug and the rest of us wonder, what's inside that egg?

While he looks for his egg and falls in love, the other insects dance, twirl, play and entertain us like only Cirque du Soleil knows how. It's an astonishing performance.

Do we ever find out what's inside the OVO? It remains a bit of a mystery, I think you have to come up with y our own conclusion of what the egg means, but I gotta tell you I was really hoping there would be a half lady bug, half blue fly critter inside.

Watch Cirque du Soleil OVO at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles now until Sunday, May 1, 2022.

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